Intraday Trading Tips

You Should Know These Nine Intraday Trading Tips And Strategies.

You may experience volatility as an intraday trader, whether you are an experienced trader or a novice. Because you complete your transactions in a single day, you are more susceptible to risk. When armed with the proper knowledge and strategy, however, you can also make high returns as an intraday trader. For a thorough understanding of intraday trading, here’s a guide with strategic recommendations and useful tips:

1.How to choose liquid stocks:

In intraday trading, stocks are bought and sold on the same day. Liquidity is essential to this practice. In this regard, you should always trade large-cap stocks and avoid small-cap or mid-cap stocks.
Aim to diversify your position across several stocks rather than trading only one stock intraday. By diversifying your portfolio, you can achieve a balanced intraday trading strategy and minimize risk.

2.Entering and exiting at the same price:

The buyer’s fallacy is a fallacy most traders fall victim to when trading intraday, leading them to doubt their trade after buying a stock. Due to such anxieties, the buyers believe they did not make the right choice and make hasty and wrong decisions.
As a trader, you can avoid falling for this fallacy by selecting entry and exit prices before the transaction is initiated. You can remain objective and avoid unnecessary doubts by using pre-decided prices.

3.Set a stop-loss level:

You may find that the stock that you choose falls instead of rising when you are intraday trading. The relevant question in such cases is how low you will allow the stock price to fall before selling it. A tip to keep in mind is deciding at what price you must square-off your position. As a safety net, this intraday trading strategy helps reduce losses.

The 3:1 ratio tip is ideal for beginners. As a result of this tip, you can set your stop-loss three times lower than the price you would have closed at to book a profit.

4.How to book a profit when you reach your target:

Trading intraday is attractive to traders due to the leverage and margins it offers. You can make high returns by trading intraday. Nevertheless, it is important to remember to book a profit when you exit the transaction and not get greedy.
The stock price should be exited once you have reached your target unless you have good reason to believe it will rise higher.

5.Close your open positions:

One of the best intraday strategies to adopt is always to close all your open positions, i.e. complete your transactions. Often, when the stocks fail to give the set target price, traders tend to opt for delivery of the shares. The transaction takes place on the next day, hoping to reach the target then. 

However, altering the type of trading practice might not be a wise move. Since you bought the selected stocks for intraday trading, they might not present desired results through delivery trading. Therefore, look at the strength of the stock and only then take the call opting for a long-term investment.

6.Avoid challenging the market:

Stock market predictions are hard to make. Based on your market analysis, you will often decide what intraday trading strategy you wish to adapt. You may experience an opposite trend when you begin trading, however.

In such scenarios, avoid challenging the market and becoming fixated on your analysis. You would be better off selling your stock when it reaches the stop-loss level.

7.Conduct a thorough analysis: 

Make sure that you research the companies you wish to trade in when you identify the stocks. Understanding how market conditions can influence the stock can be gained by learning more about the company. Make sure to check for mergers, acquisitions, dividend payments, etc. By staying on top of these developments, you’ll be able to fine-tune your timing.

8. Timing: 

It is crucial that you conduct your intraday trading transactions at the right time. Several traders recommend avoiding positions within the first hour of trading. Post-noon is perceived by many traders to be a very volatile hour, so they tend to take positions at this time.

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