Portfolio Hedger

Get peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected with a tool that uses advanced risk management algorithms to mitigate drawdown risks in your portfolio.


We, at Stockbox, have spent years brainstorming and developing strategies that can be used to save our clients’ capital during times of uncertainty, when everybody else panics. Finally, we have developed the Portfolio hedger.
It is a unique tool based on risk management algorithms that can be used to mitigate drawdown risks in clients’ portfolios using derivatives strategies. Stockbox has offered this tool to let users hedge their portfolios against uncertainties that occur due to unpredictable macroeconomic& geopolitical events.
The tool gives our clients an edge as if they are prepared to face the uncertainties, they are ahead of 99% of the investors!!

A few of the advantages of using portfolio hedger are:

  • Portfolio Hedger saves clients’ portfolios from big losses as the tool uses algorithms that contain sophisticated statistical calculations.
  • The tool is free from emotions such as fear or greed, based on this advantage the tool is best suited when there exists fear in the market.
  • It will also help in hedging clients’ portfolios using statistical calculations to analyze portfolios.

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