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Stock Trading, Intraday trading, Stock Market, Stock Market Investments, nifty options, etc. Yes, these terms scare off everyone. Especially to the people in India who trade in stock market or learning. In this article we have curated a guide on intraday trading and Intraday Tips Provider.

Why are so many people afraid to invest in the stock market?
The Answer is people lack knowledge. They are unaware of the fundamentals, technicality, and skills, that is necessary to sustain in the stock market. So, let us take you through a small tour of what the stock market is? And what’s trending in the world of stocks. 

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What exactly is stock market?

The phrase “stock market” describes a number of marketplaces where shares of publicly traded companies can bought and sold. Such financial transactions take place on authorized exchanges and in over-the-counter (OTC) markets that respect to a defined set of regulations.

The stock market is a collection of exchanges or place where buying and selling and issuance of shares which are of publicly held companies.   

Where does the Indian Stock Trading takes place?  

  • BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), NSE (National Stock Exchange). 
  • BSE Is the oldest stock exchange for trading stocks. Have been in existence since 1875, and NSE founded in the year 1992 started its trading in 1994.  

Different Types of Trading Strategies:  

  • Scalping:
    Scalping is a type of trading where an individual scales up dozens or hundreds of trades each day to attain “scalp” which means small profits from each trade.
  • Momentum Trading:
    This is a type of trading in which traders move towards one direction through which they seek high volume, Riding the momentum to the desired profit.
  • Technical Trading:
    The ones with the excel sheets, charts, diagrams, and various analytical resources with them while trading.
  • Fundamental Trading:
    Fundamentalists trade companies based on fundamental analysis, and observes corporate events, stock splits, reorganizations, or acquisitions, particularly actual or anticipated earnings reports.
  • Swing Trading:
    These are the fundamental traders holding their positions for more than a day. There are various stock market investment options available in the market among which intraday investment strategy is booming up among the youngsters and budding investors in the market.
  • Stop Loss:
    This is a type of strategy used by many where the people order a broker to trade as in buy or sell your stock at a point when the stock has reached to a certain price. 
  • Short Term Day Trading:
    Intraday means trading within a day. Intraday is shorthand for securities that trade on the markets in the daytime during business hours and their price movements. Day traders keep close attention on the intraday price movements, timing trades to benefit from the short-term price fluctuations. 

Intraday Trading – Things need to know before getting started

As Intraday trading is what people are falling for in recent times. As intraday investment strategy excites people where buying & selling of stocks takes place in a day and have gotten results of profit or loss in a day’s time so that they do not wait longer like for other investment options.

  • But again, if you are a novice and have no knowledge or do not have proper techniques to trade in the market, then you might tend to lose your money and attain no profit which leads to various awful acts.  
  • In this case, it is advised to get in touch and to consult with the top intraday tips provider to get the best results and to have smooth conduct of your intraday trading.  

So,  Stockbox is here as one of the Top 10 Intraday Tips provider in India to provide you with stock market tips and to give you the knowledge on how to stay up to date with the market trends and all that you need to know before getting into intraday trading or any other type of trading strategy that you are in or want to start with.   

Stockbox has one of the best Research Analysts, who are also well versed with the concepts of Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis. With proper analysis and market research, they will help you gain profit and grow in the market and also how to sustain success in the market. They have industry expertise of over 15 years and 6 years, which makes them the best in the field and the industry of stock market. 

Here are some important strategies you can look for while trading in intraday

Intraday Trading Strategy to Look Upon

  • Candlestick charts
    The trader needs have a basic understanding of charts to start. The candlestick chart is the most widely used of the several types of charts. Consequently, the trader needs to comprehend candlestick charts.
  • Combination technique
    Picking up a combo strategy is preferable for greater results. Two or three technical indicators may be used in the approach on the platform. In one window, VWAP, Supertrend, and MACD may be the ideal combo. For intraday trading, use a combination that has been tested. These combinations can come in a huge variety.
  • Market timing
    The ideal time to start a trade position is when volatility is not extremely high in order to prevent losing trades. Around 11 am, start trading. The trend is not instantly obvious at that point.
  • Timeframe
    Another crucial element is the time span. However, it must be noted that too little time increases volatility and the likelihood of fraudulent trades. While hourly or half-hourly time frames are not appropriate for intraday trading.
  • Leverage in trade
    Avoid engaging in overly leveraged trades. These are dangerous deals. For intraday transactions, investing 20–25% of funds in a single transaction is advised.

Beginners Intraday Trading Tips

For getting successful in trading you have to learn trading by implementing strategy. Without strategy you cant gain. In this article, we’ll go over some beginner-friendly intraday trading tips and strategies to look upon. Here are a few pointers for novices.

  • Map the stock’s daily support and resistance levels. A conventional or Fibonacci retracement may be used. When trading, keep an eye on these ranges. Price typically bounces back off of resistance or moves higher off of support levels. These offer crucial cues during intraday transactions.
  • Trade large-cap stocks in areas with significant volume and reasonable stock prices.
  • Follow the price movement and employ a trailing stop loss if appropriate.
  • Book gain gradually. Place others with a trailing stop loss to reach additional targets, and book 50% once the first objective is reached to higher target value.

Final Word/ Tip on Top 10 Intraday Tips Provider in India :  

Intraday Trading can be very risky for people having less or no knowledge of intraday trading. So, it is highly advised that you get help from the top intraday tips provider company in India or any other country you are trading in to avoid the losses and to overcome the fear to trade in the market, instead gain a better position in the market. Stockbox is one of the Intraday Tips Provider companies.

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