Portfolio Screener

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your portfolio’s quality and performance with a tool that uses sophisticated algorithms to deliver actionable insights.


Portfolio Screener is an algorithmic tool used for evaluation of a user’s existing portfolio quality based on fundamental analysis, valuation & portfolio risk theories to get an optimized report on user’s portfolio.

It will generate a recommendation report that will suggest buy, sell or hold on the basis of their equity portfolio beta and standard deviation etc.

A few of the USPs of the tool are:

  • Generates a portfolio’s evaluation report.
  • Suggests selling of underwhelming stocks.
  • Also suggests buying substitute stocks with better credentials.
  • Shows final report after the changes are made in the portfolio.
  • Easy to use, requires only a few steps.
  • Produces an evaluation report quickly.
  • Free from personal bias and emotions, as the tool is based on algorithms.
  • The analysis is purely based on logic and calculation, due to the absence of human intervention.

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