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Yes, you can update some premium plans. Contact our customer support for details.

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We at Stockbox follow time and tested approaches which include fundamental and technical analysis and the expertise of our analysts. It is flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions and incorporate new information as it becomes available.
We use methodologies, algorithms, and principles developed over years of experience and research which help us remove any personal bias or emotions from our investment decisions.

Yes, Readymade Stockbox has been designed so that our clients don’t need to spare any of their leisure time in researching stocks and portfolios. We have provided different alternatives of readymade stockbox/wizardbox to choose from which are periodically rebalanced, so you can just invest and relax, without any worries.

There is no guarantee of any fixed return in the stock market.

If you are an Investor, then every product of the StockBox application is indispensable for your success in the stock market. Every product is designed in a way that acts as a stepping stone to your imagined destination and thus they function best when used together.

StockBox Portfolio hedger is an Algorithmic tool designed to assess your portfolio and recommend a hedge through derivatives accordingly.
If you are anxious about any uncertain event or feel that the market is overbought, you can use our Portfolio hedger to hedge your portfolio against any volatility and crashes to minimize your losses and save your portfolio.

It helps you to minimize loss like a term plan, and it doesn’t work when your portfolio is only concentrated in 1 sector or penny stocks.

Stockbox portfolio screener performs diagnosis on your portfolio and offers solutions to optimise your portfolio’s health. Get Your Portfolio evaluated by a sophisticated algorithm, designed to analyse Portfolios using their beta and standard deviation. StockBox Portfolio Screener generates a Portfolio Evaluation report and Suggests selling underwhelming stocks as per its evaluation.

The charges vary as per the Basket Selected by the user.

Stockbox Expert advice application allows a user to receive the best out-of-the-day trade ideas and recommendations by understanding the context of market psychology related to individual stock performance. Our recommendations are based on strict rules & parameters and trading strategies are developed (& deeply tested for years) by a team of analysts.
If you need Expert recommendations from stock market experts, then Expert Advise is a must-have tool.

Click on the expert advice feature on the application, and you will see all the stock recommendations if you have an active plan.

Accuracy is not fixed it depends on the market. Our last year’s accuracy is about 70-75% and it changes as per the time and the market situations.

Yes, Stockboxprovides options trading calls in stocks, nifty, bank nifty (intraday and positional).

No, we are a SEBI-registered research analysis firm, and we don’t indulge in account handling.

Word of caution: Don’t provide your Demat/trading credentials to a person or firm.

Yes, Stockbox provides different call options strategies like Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Put covered future strategies etc based on market conditions and sentiment.

Through expert advice, we provide long-term, short-term, cash and F&O trades. In options, we recommend naked options, as well as options strategies which are our USP. Options and Future strategies are one of the safest ways of trading in the derivatives markets.

With combination scans, you can combine one or more scans and generate a list of stocks that satisfy all scans from a given combination. However, you cannot customize scans.

The frequency and timing of calls depend on the market situation.

Past performance doesn’t guarantee the future.

No, Derivatives/Option Trdaing trading is a high-risk product.

Stockbox Rating is based on 5 parameters, these are Valuation, Trust, Technical, Financial and overall. Stockbox rating helps in taking trading and investing decisions.

Yes, only Equity deliverables can be traded on the Stockbox application by connecting with your broker. Currently, our app supports 16 top brokerage firms.

Yes, daily EOD data gets updated in our application.

There is a time lag of 5 min in BSE and 15 minutes in NSE.

No, we strictly follow a no-refund policy. Enjoy our services.

We at StockBox also take care of educating our clients. This includes teaching them how abouts of investing and trading in the stock market as per their preference. You can check our portfolio of courses designed to understand the market better and can assist our become independent and successful in investing and trading in the stock market.

We have only provided selected baskets, which removes the confusion caused by tons of options. Our analysts have made curated baskets as per the time frame and goal.

Stockbox services are available on the android and apple platforms.

No, Payments are accepted only on the registered company account.