options traders biggest mistakes

Avoid These 6 Mistakes as Options Trader

The Indian equities market is a quick-moving, high-risk environment where options traders may achieve substantial gains. Yet negotiating this market calls for expertise, experience, and cautious judgments. Regrettably, a lot of traders make easy mistakes that can cost them a lot of money. These errors whether it’s entering the market without a strategy, ignoring volatility, […]

Is Algorithmic Trading Unethical?

While algorithmic trading offers several advantages, including greater efficiency, quicker trade execution, and cheaper transaction costs, it has also come under fire for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons why it is considered unethical include: In conclusion, algorithmic trading may have numerous advantages, but we must also consider the possible risks it poses […]

Most used technical indicators in Indian stock market

There is no one “best” technical indicator as different indicators may be more or less effective depending on the specific market conditions, the type of asset being traded, and the trader’s individual strategy and risk tolerance. However, some of the most commonly used technical indicators among traders include: In essence, it is worth mentioning that […]

 After a stellar 2022, What lies ahead for Aluminium?

Aluminium: the lightweight metal with heavyweight potential in the commodity market, is amongst the most frequently used metals which are being traded as a commodity on many international marketplaces. Aluminum’s low density which is one of its fundamental characteristics makes it the perfect material for a variety of uses, including transportation, building, packaging, and electrical […]

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