Readymade Stockbox

Get a competitive edge in the market with a tool that provides access to meticulously managed baskets of stocks, ensuring optimal performance based on time-tested investment models.


Stockbox’s Wizard Box/Readymade Stockbox allows users to access our specially curated basket of stocks. These readymade baskets are diligently managed by the Stockbox research team using time-tested investment models.
We have tailored different baskets of stocks that are re-balanced and updated as per the change in the market trends at every fixed interval. Our goal is to maximize clients’ returns with flexible and adaptive long-term investment strategies.


We at Stockbox are committed to providing transparent information to our clients on our performance, holdings, and fees to enable them in making informed decisions.

Closely Monitored By Registered Professionals

Readymade stock Basket is always closely monitored by a SEBI-registered professional who keeps track of your stock basket. Our analysts also tweaks stock baskets regularly based on ongoing market trends.

Research Driven Advice

Each ready-made stock basket is powered by top-quality research and investment strategy, created and managed by qualified SEBI registered professionals.

Suitable For Every Need

Whether you are new to investing, have had a bad experience before or an active investor, there is a stock Basket to suit our users’ every need. Pick from a range of short-term/sectoral / themed WealthBaskets.

Transparency & Control

Stock Baskets are integrated with clients’ broking accounts. Clients can track the stocks on a real-time basis in their Readymade stockbox. They can withdraw anytime and auto-rebalance with a single click.

Achieve your investment goals with

Curated Stock Baskets

Smallcases are curated baskets of stocks that are managed by stockbox Research Desk.

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