Volatility & VIX: How does it affect your portfolio?

Before learning about VIX, let’s learn about volatility. Volatility in the security markets implies the tendency of the market to move aggressively and quickly in both directions. The Price movement can be a sharp rise or decline in a short time frame.  Volatility can be caused due to increase in uncertainties and contingencies in the […]

Time correction: Enemy of option buyers

Introduction The market doesn’t fall or rise in linear fashion, but in cycles which are symmetrical in every time frame, you observe. This bi-directional cyclical movement of securities helps traders make money from trading in derivatives. When volatility rises, the margin of movement in both directions increases, which expands the scope of profits and also […]

What is option trading? - Stockbox

What is Option Trading? (Guide for 2023)

Options trading strategies? Sounds confusing? Well, fret not! We have brought you a comprehensive guide to options trading.  How does options trading work? Options trading is a way to buy and sell security options. This process begins by finding an option that you need to trade, and then finding the right market to do so […]

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