Stock options trading - Things to remember before investing in Stock options

A lot of you must be thinking that options trading is complex and mind-boggling, to begin with. Or it could lead to losses you cannot bear. This is because most of us do not have the proper knowledge to start trading. Where it is easy to categorize something as difficult, but the trick lies in making your base clear. By knowing just a few important characteristics, you can turn your game into stock options trading around. Through our blog, we bring you a complete guide to remember before diving into stock options trading. Anyone can absolutely learn how to trade confidently.

Stock Options Trading

What is Stock options trading? 

Stock options trading is a derivative that lets a trader trade through a contract. In this, the buyer is not obligated to buy or sell on the stipulated date at a specified price. Options are divided into call options that allow buyers to profit if the price increases and put options that allow buyers to profit if the price of the stock declines. 

There are a plethora of strike prices available in the market that can make an options novice confused about which one to pick.  Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a suitable option to trade.

Points to Remember 

  • Options trading can be complex. Several options could confuse traders with different expiration dates. 
  • Finding the right choice is essential and difficult to identify.
  • In order to identify the right option, remember six things that help you find the right direction. 
  • Options can put the odds in your favor. Always identify your goals, compare the risks involved, and accordingly make a strategy. After achieving your goal, define your options parameters. 
  • Always remember that there are two sides to the same coin. In this case, the sides are the buyer and the seller. Every time any option is called or put in, a counterparty would be present.
  • A buyer’s gain would be a seller’s loss and vice versa.

Things to Remember in Stock Options Trading 

1. Select your prospects carefully 

The most obvious idea in mind is to buy whatever is cheap for greater profits. But that is not the case with stock options trading. While figuring out how much do option traders make, keep in mind that the probability of a high strike price is very low. Options come with a limited period and that is why one should look for at-the-money or out-of-the-money strike prices. This increases your probability of getting exercise is high. 

 2. Evaluate your Risks/ Rewards

The next step is to determine and examine your risks/rewards. The risks vary according to the type of trader. If the trader is aggressive, they would be willing to risk more. But at the same time, if you are a safe player, you would not bid on greater risks. Every option strategy has its own risks and that is why you should pre-examine it according to your profile. 

3. Avoid trading in illiquid options and averaging in the same strike

Always look out for sufficient volume in the strike price while looking for trade. The second thing to keep in mind is to average with the nearest strike to add as the stock moves in the direction expected, the money strike will fetch more profit due to which your losses will reduce or will get covered completely. 

Avoid Illiquid options

4. Identify Events 

Market events could be identified as market-wide and stock specific. As the names suggest, both impact the market in different ways. Market-wide is those events that impact the market as a whole. For example, Federal reserve announcements or Debt crises. Whereas stock-specific events affect stock markets to be specific. For instance, earning reports, product launches, etc. 

As the event will have an effect on the market, it will compromise your stock options in some way or another. You have to figure out whether you want to capitalize before an event happens or you would wait until it gets over. 

Identify whether that event is impacting your options in a good way or bad. 

5. Build a strategy 

Based on the analysis of the previous steps, identify your objective and investment plan. While examining your risks/ rewards, occurring events, and choosing your best bet, plan a strategy that keeps these factors included. 

For instance, in the case of an aggressive investor who believes in long shots and making large profits when the market is down, they may decide to buy puts. 

Accordingly, you can make your one strategy depending on the nature of the trader you are. 

6. Wrapping Up pointers 

 Now that you know what you have to know when you enter stock options trading, establish parameters to keep everything in check. It’s like a to-do list to keep all the stages in mind while initiating a process or task. Keep in mind things including expiration dates, strike prices, and option deltas.

The Conclusion 

While investing in attractive options may seem a good option to a novice trader, these six-pointers would keep everything in check while initiating the process. Define your objective, read your risks, check your volatility, look out for upcoming events that can influence markets, and finally define your options parameters. And you are all set to enter the stock options trading market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Stock Options Trading

What to look out for when I enter Options trading? 

In options trading, the one thing you should focus on is finding the right option to trade. Looking at multiple options can confuse anyone as we tend to think that profits could be greater. But the right way to go is to first formulate your investment objective and then move on to the next phases. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting started. 

What are the most common mistakes done by novice traders while trading options? 

The most common mistake that novice traders do is exiting without a defined exit plan. Further, they try to make their past losses by doubling the price of premiums. See there is no guarantee that this option would fetch you results for sure. Something that doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it will work the next time as well. On the contrary, plan and evaluate the events and risks. The next common mistake is to trade in illiquid options and wait too long to buy back short strategies. Avoid doing these mistakes and plan first. 

Which strategy can be counted as the safest of options? 

Covered calls are one of the safest options strategies. You could sell a call or buy the stock to reduce risks. 

Can I lose all my money in Options trading? 

The whole concept of options trading depends on the premium you paid. So the option loss is also restricted to the premium. 

Do people fail at options trading repeatedly?

No doubt people fail at trading mostly. It is because 1 out of 10 novice traders does not possess the understanding to comprehend trading. That is why we have better options that help traders train for any kind of situation and come up with the best solutions. If you want to know more, visit today.

Which is the riskiest option in stock options trading? 

The riskiest of all is to sell naked calls. In exchange for potential gain that is also limited, traders get unlimited potential losses.