Time correction: Enemy of option buyers

Introduction The market doesn’t fall or rise in linear fashion, but in cycles which are symmetrical in every time frame, you observe. This bi-directional cyclical movement of securities helps traders make money from trading in derivatives. When volatility rises, the margin of movement in both directions increases, which expands the scope of profits and also […]

What is option trading? - Stockbox

What is Option Trading? (Guide for 2023)

Options trading strategies? Sounds confusing? Well, fret not! We have brought you a comprehensive guide to options trading.  How does options trading work? Options trading is a way to buy and sell security options. This process begins by finding an option that you need to trade, and then finding the right market to do so […]

Nifty option tips and calls for 2022

Best Nifty Options Tips and Calls to Follow

Are you also a trade enthusiast, eager to learn about Nifty options trading tips? Trading is a vast concept that needs to be understood on its extreme basis. For starters, Nifty is a stock initiated by National Stock Exchange, India. This index allows the market performance to trade. Before proceeding any further, make sure everything […]

Option trading tips and strategies

Best Options Trading Tips and Strategies for 2022

Are you also in the dilemma if options trading is suitable for you or not? When it comes to busting myths about trading concepts, Stockbox has got you. In this blog, we have covered some major concepts relating to options trading and tips to successfully invest in it. Whereas it is easy to tag something […]

How To Invest In Stocks

How To Invest In Stocks? (Beginners Stock Market Investing Guide)

Introduction to the Stock Market Investing For Beginners: Stock marketing investing is a long-drawn method that allows you to manipulate all of your finances. Investing in the stock market can be intimidating, especially if you’re beginner and don’t know how to invest in stocks, as it appears to be excessively complicated and risky as well. […]

Technical And Fundamental Analysis

Expert Guide on Technical And Fundamental Analysis Of Stocks

Which kind of evaluation is proper for you?  Both varieties of evaluation can divulge doubtlessly treasured information, and focusing on simply one fashion should purpose you to leave out necessary clues about a stock’s value. And on account that the meant length of an alternate may additionally change, using each variety of evaluations may be […]

How to identify momentum stocks for intraday

How To Identify Momentum Stocks For Intraday

Identifying momentum stocks for intraday operations is a crucial factor for any investor. Momentum stocks are stocks that have seen an increase in price and volume of trading over the last few days or weeks.  Stock prices can move higher in the short-term if they are on the high side of their normal range, but […]

Index Option Trading

What is Index Options Trading & its Strategies?

Trading index options gives the investor the ability to trade the underlying stock index for a set length of time. Since index options are based on an index that includes a wide variety of stocks, investors may easily diversify their portfolios by doing so. What is Index Option? An index option is a financial derivative […]

Bank Nifty Options Tips And Strategy

Bank NIFTY Option Tips and Strategies

The Bank NIFTY Index tracks the 12 most liquid and highest-capacity stocks within the banking industry. With its introduction in 2009, Bank NIFTY is now one of the most heavily traded indexes on the stock market, with many traders making a living by trading only Bank NIFTY option. As a result, a proliferation of Bank […]