What Are COCO/AT1 Bonds?

Are you familiar with Coco Bonds? If not, then this piece will take you through the world of Coco bonds. In the financial space, coco bonds, are often referred to as contingent convertible bonds. They are a sort of hybrid asset that is becoming more and more popular in today’s time as they have a […]

Top 5 Best Performing Sectors in Last 10 Years

Since 2010, the Indian stock market has witnessed significant changes, and the performance of different sectors has varied depending on various factors such as economic conditions, government policies, and global trends. Based on the historical data available, the top 5 best-performing sectors in the Indian stock market since 2010 were: Information Technology (IT) Sector: The […]

The Curse of The TIMES’s Magazine

Being featured on the Time magazine cover may seem like a dream come true for many individuals. After all, Time’s front page may get a lot of attention and celebrity like status because it is one of the most reputable and widely read journals in the world. Yet many people are unaware that appearing on […]

An Insight on Indian Telecom Industry

The Indian Telecom Industry has witnessed one of the biggest ups and down an industry could see over the past decade. The AGR Penalties had marred the balance sheet of the industry which made them quite vulnerable, and Reliance Jio made a perfect entry to hammer the last nail in the coffin for the beleaguered […]

10 Personal Money Tips To Boost Your Financial Success

Are you trying to find tactics to manage your finances better? There are various doable actions you can take to help you succeed financially, regardless of where you are in your financial journey. In this piece; we’ll provide you with ten personal finance pointers that will put you on the road to financial stability and […]

options traders biggest mistakes

Avoid These 6 Mistakes as Options Trader

The Indian equities market is a quick-moving, high-risk environment where options traders may achieve substantial gains. Yet negotiating this market calls for expertise, experience, and cautious judgments. Regrettably, a lot of traders make easy mistakes that can cost them a lot of money. These errors whether it’s entering the market without a strategy, ignoring volatility, […]