Trade in Gold: God’s own metal

Gold which holds the characteristics of being one of the safest commodities of economic uncertain times is currently experiencing a hell of a ride in recent months. The shiny metal is enjoying an uptrend and is currently hovering around the level of US$1930, the level last seen during April last year. This represents an upward […]

Why should you Trade in Natural Gas?

Things to know before trading Natural Gas.

The current world order revolves around energy for economic growth and is experiencing immense turmoil due to the extreme price dynamics of the energy market. Adding fuel to the fire is the current status of conventional fossil fuels such as Natural Gas which act as the backbone of today’s thriving economy. But are facing massive […]

The Budget 2023: Sector Focus and Expectations

The Budget 2023 will be the last full budget of the current government.  The budget is speculated to be inclined toward the “Populous” side, as the precedent shown in the previous pre-election budgets. We have jotted down some sectors that may be unaffected by the Budget’s “Populous” or “Progressive nature”. India’s Macro Goals The Prime […]

Union Budget 2023: Sectors in Focus and Forecasts.

7. 5 Crucial Aspects of The India Union Budget 2018-19 2. 2019-2023 Forecast of the Indian Union Budget 1. Union Budget 2023: What to Expect From the Indian Government The Budget 2023 will be the last full budget of the current government.  The budget is speculated to be inclined toward the “Populous” side, as the […]

How Union Budget may impact your stock portfolio?

Being the world’s biggest democracy, India holds several parameters to gauge its economic state. Out of these documents the Union Budget holds paramount importance.  The immense significance of this document can be perceived from the fact that it comes under the category of a mandatory document under Indian Constitution’s Article 112. The union budget, also […]

Factors that define fate of crude oil prices?

Introduction: The global crude oil market has been playing a teeter-totter game currently. The prices of both crude oil benchmarks including Brent and WTI have been volatile lately after Russia officially announced Ukraine’s invasion in late February. The prices of the world’s largest traded commodity reached more than a ten-year high level in March 2022 […]


Risk Management Tool By Stockbox Technologies What if the stock market doesn’t like the upcoming union budget? What if RBI raises interest rates again? What if the China suddenly attacks Taiwan and the stock market crashes? If you are one of those investors who have invested their hard-earned money in the stock market, it is […]

Volatility & VIX: How does it affect your portfolio?

Before learning about VIX, let’s learn about volatility. Volatility in the security markets implies the tendency of the market to move aggressively and quickly in both directions. The Price movement can be a sharp rise or decline in a short time frame.  Volatility can be caused due to increase in uncertainties and contingencies in the […]