In our last blog, we have discussed how the concept of Sure shot callis eroding the traders’ hard-earned capital by guaranteeing 100% accuracy. However, after completing that piece the question arises if not such channels then what should be the criterion/factors that traders should use before considering any research analysis firms?

In this article, we’ve jotted down various factors that any trader should consider before diving into this fascinating world of trading.

Factors to consider before choosing a Stock market Research Analyst or Investor Advisor

SEBI registration: Always opt for those research analysis firms who are registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). This should be the top-notch priority as SEBI control, monitor, and defend the interests of investors.

This registration assists SEBI in upholding high standards of professionalism, fostering fairness and openness, and preventing dishonest conduct in the market.

Diversified Products : Any well-versed research analysis firm should have a well-diversified portfolio of products such as a product that aids in Hedging, Capital growth, acquisition of insightful market knowledge, and competitive advantage.

Website and mobile application: Any good research analysis firm should have both a website and a mobile application as they will help in enhancing user experience, accessibility, convenience, visibility, and data analytics.

Experience: Seek out a research analyst with prior success evaluating financial data and offering suggestions in the appropriate industry.

Skills: Look out for research analysts with strong analytical and problem-solving approaches. All these attributes are essential for an in-depth analysis.

Professionalism: Always opt for research analysts who approach their work with professionalism, objectivity, and ethics.

Reputation: Take into account the research analyst’s reputation and look into any prior violation of ethics or disciplinary measures.

Conclusion: By using a qualified and licensed research analysis firm, traders may benefit from expertise, dependability, professional standards, and unbiased analysis.