Nifty option tips and calls for 2022

Are you also a trade enthusiast, eager to learn about Nifty options trading tips? Trading is a vast concept that needs to be understood on its extreme basis. For starters, Nifty is a stock initiated by National Stock Exchange, India. This index allows the market performance to trade.

Before proceeding any further, make sure everything there is about Nifty option trading tips. In this blog, Stockbox has covered everything about Nifty and Options trading

What is the Nifty Index?

The Nifty short for National fifty is a market index introduced by the National Stock Exchange committee in 1996. Nifty or Sensex shows the economic wealth of a country which is influenced by many factors. This Nifty is based on the concept of free-float market capitalization.

The Nifty works on the saying “All ships rise with the tide”. In the way, ships rise when the waves rise, so the companies listed in the NSE rise when the Nifty Index rises. A total of 1600 companies are registered under Nifty which are in the top 50 companies’ index with a global footprint.

Nifty Option

What is the Nifty call/put option?

The Nifty Index option is an index that draws its form from Options trading in calls and puts. This concept works similarly to the concept of option trading works.

In Nifty index, Options give the window to call that is to buy and put that is to sell a particular asset, at a specified price at a specified time period. Options trading is a safe window for income to speculate or to get minimum risks. Options are also used to improve the portfolio.

For instance- the Nifty sets and closes at 10,000 on Friday. If your odds are placed that the Nifty will rise, you buy a call of 10,400 at a price of Rs. 150. Your breakeven is at 10,550 (10,400+150). At expiry, if you are to gain anything, the Nifty should close above 10,550. If the Nifty Index closes at 11,000, you get a gross profit. If, however, the Nifty expires at 10,400 or below, you lose all the premium to the seller.

Nifty Option Tips for Right Trading!

The Nifty index has traded highly after its launch in 2009. Many traders have achieved excellence in trading. Through years of practice and focus, many traders have decoded many nifty tips and strategies. The market is crowded with such nifty option tips and strategies.

In this blog, Stock box has introduced some of the major and easy Nifty options tips that could help you change your game! Let’s dive in

Low Market is equal to Profits

When it comes to making large profits, always target the market when it is low. The genus lies in being a safer option for traders. As the market is low, the running risks endured by the trader are also low, whereas the chances of making profits could be high. The only bridge that decided the loss or profit is to break even the price of the premium. 

The trader must always calculate the risks when the market is low. Buying the right amount is necessary. A rule should be followed when it comes to the nifty put option. The trader should buy a nifty put option only when the market oscillations are opposite of a short-term trend.

Focus on the Strike Price 

A strike price of an option is the price that is determined to put or call an option. It is also known as the exercise price. If you know what a strike price is, you must also be knowing that picking the strike price is one of the key decisions that a trader has to make. 
One of the good nifty tips includes choosing the strike price in relation to the days of its expiration. The farther or nearer the trader is to the option’s expiration date, they can choose out-of-money or in-the-money options accordingly. A call option is in the money only when the market price has risen above the strike price. The money option indicates the extrinsic value which is equal to the market value of the option when it is below the strike price.

Choose Market Range

Other nifty tips include choosing the market range when it comes to nifty option trading techniques. Traders alter when there is no oscillation in the lieu of other reasons. Reasons include sharing market news, results, or important dates. Starting with, traders choose the highest interest for finding the nifty option. ‘
If the market fluctuates, traders must take short options with the highest open interest to choose the nifty call and nifty put options. This nifty options tip can save the trader from risking high in relation to the profits.

Long Stands 

Traders choose the long when it comes to nifty option tips and strategies. In both the cases of a put option and a call option, the options are bought at the same time. It is bought when there is the same strike price and expiration date. 

Therefore, keep in mind that the nifty option draws a profit only when the position moves sharply above or below the strike price. The risks get minimized and the profits have no boundaries.

The expiration date is the key

Bank nifty option tips include choosing the time when the expiration date is near. Hit the hammer when the iron is hot. Loosely translated to choose the time when you can make money in surplus vis-a-vis the time of expiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nifty Option Tips

Is it possible to hold options till expiry? 

In the options put and call, the whole flexibility lies in receiving a chance to leave the premium and get the safe option. As you already know, options trading work in favor of giving a premium for the future promise of buying or selling at a specified rate at a specified time. 

And this is why there is no penalty levied on holding the options till expiry. You can simply let the contractor know of the choice you make to sell or buy or not. 

How to invest in the Nifty index?

 To invest in the Nifty index, you can opt for either of these options. The first one is by buying stocks in Nifty 50 as equal to the weightage of the value of Nifty 50. The second one is by investing in Index Mutual Funds. These Index Mutual funds mirror the Nifty 50 which is a portfolio exactly like the index. 

Which indicator would be suitable for Nifty option trading?

Among many good indicators, RSI, or Relative strength indicator is one of the best indicators for Nifty option trading. It allows you to draw a chart o the recent gains to the recent losses at a specified period of time in the stock market. 

Some of the other indicators you can use are Bollinger Bands, Intraday momentum index, Money Flow Index (MFI), and put-call ratio indicator among others. To get more of it check this guide on Top 5 Nifty Option Tips For Trading.

What is the best options trading strategy?

One of the most famous strategies – Bull Call Spread lies under the category of Debt Spreads and allows you to purchase a call option for a lower-risk bullish trade. It is usually done when you are bullish on trade but you don’t want to risk buying high-risk shares outright. Call options might be costly but a bull call spread can save your preliminary costs. It can be done by selling one call option with a higher strike price and lower cost and simultaneously purchasing another.