Stock Market vs Real Estate

Stock Market vs Real Estate

Are you unsure whether to invest in the stock market or real estate? Although there is a chance for significant returns with both options, but the main question is, which one is more profitable? The answer to this difficulty, which has baffled investors for years, is more complicated than you may imagine. While both, investing in stocks […]

The Lipstick Index: Explained

The lipstick index is used to describe the phenomenon where the sales of lipstick increase during the time of recession. The reason stated by the phenomenon is that during the time of recession, people try to make themselves feel better by treating themselves with something small, as they are not able to afford luxury items. […]

The Big Mac Index: Burgernomics

The Big Mac Index was created in 1986 by The Economist Magazine. It calculates the price of the Big Mac Hamburger in fast-food chains (McDonald’s) in every country which is standardized. The prices of Big Mac in different countries can be compared to analyse which countries have better buying power. It helps us understand the […]