The Thrill of the Trade: What makes Commodity Trading so Thrilling & Exciting?

Commodity trading is a fascinating activity that draws traders from all walks of life. The enthusiasm for commodities trading is fueled by its thrilling and exciting nature of high volatility. Commodities prices may change quickly as a result of a variety of reasons, including supply and demand dynamics, weather patterns, and geopolitical events. The surge […]

What makes commodity trading appealing to investors?

Trading in commodities has long been a well-liked investing strategy for those looking to diversify their holdings and make big profits. Investors may access several businesses and markets by investing in a wide range of commodities, including agriculture, energy, and precious metals. The possibility for profit and protection against inflation and economic volatility is what […]

Cobalt used in Electric Vehicles

Cobalt: The New Age Lithium?

Shiny, blue, and necessary for our contemporary existence. Cobalt may not have a well-known name in our everyday life but it is an essential component of many of the gadgets and technology that we use every day. Based on the growing use in batteries, the metal is sometimes referred to as the “new age lithium”. […]

EV: A Choice or Necessity?

EVs, which promise to be a greener, cleaner, and more effective form of transportation, has taken the automobile industry by storm. Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a feasible option for the future of mobility as immense attention is being paid to lowering carbon emissions and air pollution. EVs currently exist in a wide range of […]

Lithium v/s Hydrogen: The Important Debate

In today’s time, hydrogen energy is getting increased attention as a possible game-changer in the transition to a more sustainable energy future. However, traditional energy sources like coal, oil, and natural gas still account for the majority of the world’s energy output. Although hydrogen energy is a clean, renewable, and diverse energy source, its high […]

Copper: a vital commodity of global commodity markets

The transition towards a greener and more sustainable world is opening up immense possibilities for various metals. Amongst this outlook, copper is emerging as one of the metals of enormous strategic nature. The metal by the virtue of its high electric and heat conductivity is extensively used in a variety of items, including electric cars, […]

 After a stellar 2022, What lies ahead for Aluminium?

Aluminium: the lightweight metal with heavyweight potential in the commodity market, is amongst the most frequently used metals which are being traded as a commodity on many international marketplaces. Aluminum’s low density which is one of its fundamental characteristics makes it the perfect material for a variety of uses, including transportation, building, packaging, and electrical […]