The Lipstick Index: Explained

The lipstick index is used to describe the phenomenon where the sales of lipstick increase during the time of recession. The reason stated by the phenomenon is that during the time of recession, people try to make themselves feel better by treating themselves with something small, as they are not able to afford luxury items. […]

The Big Mac Index: Burgernomics

The Big Mac Index was created in 1986 by The Economist Magazine. It calculates the price of the Big Mac Hamburger in fast-food chains (McDonald’s) in every country which is standardized. The prices of Big Mac in different countries can be compared to analyse which countries have better buying power. It helps us understand the […]

The IPL: Where Cricket Meets Finance

The Indian Premier League, often known as the IPL, is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. In addition to being the greatest cricket league in the world, the league is a hub of financial activity since it annually produces enormous income for its teams and stakeholders. Every IPL side, from the Mumbai Indians to the Chennai Super […]

A to Z of zinc trading in India

Zinc is a versatile metal that has been utilized for ages in a variety of industries. It holds special characteristics which make it a vital ingredient in the production of galvanized steel, batteries, and other goods. Zinc metal trading has grown in popularity as a result of its strong demand and lucrative possibilities. In this piece, […]